Relentless Caring: If You Don't Give a Damn, Don't Expect Anyone Else To

  • 6h 38m 30s
  • William H. McGill Jr.
  • Gildan Media
  • 2024

Relentless Caring details an approach to leadership focused on the well-being of others.

By following its step-by-step guide to delivering kindness every day at all levels of your organization and to all your customers, you will earn dedicated employees, repeat customers—and, ultimately, profitability.

As founder and executive chairman of MarineMax, William H. McGill Jr. helped transform the company from a disparate group of boat dealers into a highly profitable $2 billion global conglomerate.

In Relentless Caring, McGill Jr. shares what he's learned about how to truly care about others 24/7 and generate solid profits at the same time. Listeners will learn why having the right people in the right jobs matters; how to take care of your people and their families, including providing high-quality, low-cost health care; why long-term thinking is essential for success; why persistence, consistency, and risk are essential, too; and more.

Relentless Caring is a playbook for "managing from the heart"—tirelessly delivering goodness and kindness to your team members and to customers to build strong loyalties that can buoy your organization even in the most challenging economic circumstances.

About the Author

William (Bill) H. McGill Jr. is the ideal person to share what it takes to be a successful leader in today’s tough business world. He’s Cofounder and Executive Chairman of the Board of MarineMax, the world’s largest marine conglomerate (NYSE: HZO). Bill doesn’t just talk about relentless kindness; he lives it 24/7. Many of those same individuals who launched MarineMax on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in June 1998 were still there to celebrate its 20th anniversary. That’s a testament to the company’s strong leadership and the culture of caring that Bill relentlessly fosters in all he and his teams do. Bill knows what it takes to pursue your passions and have fun doing it. Born and raised on a farm in Tennessee, he’s a mechanical engineer by training.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One - Why Care?
  • Chapter Two - Kindness Comes First, Profits Follow
  • Chapter Three - Tenet 1: Get the People Equation Right
  • Chapter Four - Tenet 2: Stop Talking and Start Active Listening
  • Chapter Five - Tenet 3: The Value of Living Your Values
  • Chapter Six - Tenet 4: Make Sure Your People Understand Their Accountability
  • Chapter Seven - Tenet 5: Be Relentlessly Persistent
  • Chapter Eight - Tenet 6: Without Risk, There’s No Reward
  • Addendum: How to Create a Great Health Insurance Plan for Your Teams