Rewired: The McKinsey Guide to Outcompeting in the Age of Digital and AI

  • 7h 19m 33s
  • Eric Lamarre, Kate Smaje, Rodney Zemmel
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

Many companies are stuck with digital transformations that are not moving the needle. There are no quick fixes but there is a playbook. The answer is in rewiring your business so hundreds, thousands, of teams can harness technology to continuously create great customer experiences, lower unit costs, and generate value. It's the capabilities of the organization that win the race.

McKinsey Digital's top leaders Eric Lamarre, Kate Smaje, and Rodney W. Zemmel provide proven how-to details on what it takes in six comprehensive sections—creating the transformation roadmap, building a talent bench, adopting a new operating model, producing a distributed technology environment so teams can innovate, embedding data everywhere, and unlocking user adoption and enterprise scaling.

Tested, iterated, reworked, and tested again over the years, McKinsey's digital and AI transformation playbook is captured in Rewired. It contains diagnostic assessments, operating model designs, technology and data architecture diagrams, how-to checklists, best practices and detailed implementation methods, all exemplified with demonstrated case studies and illustrated with 100+ exhibits.

About the Author

ERIC LAMARRE is a senior partner and leads McKinsey Digital in North America. He is an engineer by training and worked in research at MIT on water waves and underwater acoustics before joining McKinsey. Eric has pioneered the development of McKinsey’s Digital & AI client service methodologies and published extensively on the topic. He previously served as managing partner of McKinsey Canada. Eric is on the board of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation. He is married and has two wonderful daughters.

KATE SMAJE is a senior partner at McKinsey and the global co-leader of McKinsey Digital. A history major at heart, Kate has spent the past 20+ years at McKinsey working with B2C companies. A frequent speaker and publisher on digital topics, she also works with clients across geographies and sectors to marry the power of technology and AI with the human change required to leap forward. She has experience as a chief technology officer and a self-proclaimed geeky interest in technology, continuous learning, and developing people. Kate is a trustee of Tommy’s, the London-based children’s charity.

RODNEY ZEMMEL is a senior partner at McKinsey and is the global co-leader of McKinsey Digital. He has served as the managing partner for McKinsey’s New York and northeast offices in the United States, and led McKinsey’s Healthcare Practice, working with clients in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and healthcare services. He is a recognized thought leader and previously co-authored the book Go Long: Why Long-Term Thinking Is Your Best Short-Term Strategy. Rodney started out as a molecular biologist and now partners with clients on digital transformations, AI, technology productivity, and digital business building.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: The Enterprise Capabilities That Turn Digital and AI into a Source of Ongoing Competitive Advantage
  • Chapter 1 - Get Your Top Team Inspired and Aligned
  • Chapter 2 - Choose the Right Transformation "bite size"
  • Chapter 3 - Have Business Leaders Define What's Possible
  • Chapter 4 - Figure out What Resources You Need to Achieve What You Want
  • Chapter 5 - Build Capabilities for Now and the next Decade
  • Chapter 6 - The Digital Roadmap Is a Contract for Your C-suite
  • Chapter 7 - The Ultimate Corporate Team Sport
  • Chapter 8 - Core Versus Noncore Capabilities - Strategic Talent Planning
  • Chapter 9 - The Talent Team That Can Build Your Digital Team
  • Chapter 10 - Hiring Digital Talent When They're Actually Interviewing You
  • Chapter 11 - Recognize Distinctive Technologists
  • Chapter 12 - Fostering Craftsmanship Excellence
  • Chapter 13 - From Doing Agile to Being Agile
  • Chapter 14 - Operating Models That Support Hundreds of Agile Pods
  • Chapter 15 - Professionalize Product Management
  • Chapter 16 - Customer Experience Design: The Magic Ingredient
  • Chapter 17 - Decoupled Architecture for Development Flexibility and Operational Scalability
  • Chapter 18 - A More Surgical and Value-backed Approach to Cloud
  • Chapter 19 - Engineering Practices for Speed and High-quality Code
  • Chapter 20 - The Tools to Make Your Developers Highly Productive
  • Chapter 21 - Delivering Production-grade Digital Solutions
  • Chapter 22 - Build in Security and Automation from the Start
  • Chapter 23 - MLOps so AI Can Scale
  • Chapter 24 - Determine What Data Matters
  • Chapter 25 - Data Products: The Reusable Building Blocks for Scaling
  • Chapter 26 - Data Architecture, or the System of Data "pipes"
  • Chapter 27 - Organize to Get the Most from Your Data
  • Chapter 28 - Nail User Adoption and Underlying Business Model Changes
  • Chapter 29 - Design Solutions for Easy Replication and Reuse
  • Chapter 30 - Ensuring Impact by Tracking What Matters
  • Chapter 31 - Managing Risk and Building Digital Trust
  • Chapter 32 - So, What about Culture?
  • Chapter 33 - Freeport-McMoRan Turns Data into Value
  • Chapter 34 - DBS - A Multinational Bank Becomes a Digital Bank
  • Chapter 35 - The Future of Play Takes Shape at the LEGO Group


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