Rewiring Education: How Technology Can Unlock Every Student's Potential

  • 7h 19m 11s
  • Jason Towne, John D. Couch
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2018

What if we could unlock the potential in every child? As it turns out, we can. Apple's iconic cofounder Steve Jobs had a powerful vision for education: employing technology to make an enormous impact on the lives of millions of students. To realize this vision, Jobs tapped John D. Couch, a trusted engineer and executive with a passion for education. Couch believed the real purpose of education was to help children discover their unique potential and empower them to reach beyond their perceived limitations.

Today, technology is increasingly integrated into every aspect of our lives, rewiring our homes, our jobs, and even our brains. Most important, it presents an opportunity to rewire education to enrich and strengthen our schools, children, and society.

In Rewiring Education, Couch shares expertise gained from 50-plus years in education and technology. He takes listeners behind Apple's major research studies, Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow (ACOT) and ACOT2, highlighting the powerful effects of the Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) framework. Going beyond Apple's walls, he also introduces some of the extraordinary parents, educators, and entrepreneurs from around the world who are already utilizing new science-backed methods and technologies to benefit all children, from those who struggle to honor students.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Rewiring
  • Chapter 2 - Design
  • Chapter 3 - Potential
  • Chapter 4 - Motivation
  • Chapter 5 - Learning
  • Chapter 6 - Spaces
  • Chapter 7 - Challenges
  • Chapter 8 - CBL
  • Chapter 9 - Access
  • Chapter 10 - Build
  • Chapter 11 - Code
  • Chapter 12 - Teaching
  • Chapter 13 - Technology
  • Chapter 14 - Transformative!
  • Chapter 15 - Futuristic