Sales Essentials: The Tools You Need at Every Stage to Close More Deals and Crush Your Quota

  • 7h 14m 46s
  • Rana Salman MBA PhD
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2023

With so much focus put into making a sale, many professionals find they need help improving the crucial points that come before and after the sale. In Sales Essentials, you'll find the comprehensive, up-to-date information you need to improve your skills at every point of the sales process.

  • PART I: THE ESSENTIALS explores the foundation for the sales experience-the human connection. It also dives into common challenges sellers encounter and actionable insights to address them, followed by the characteristics and attributes associated with the most successful salespeople.
  • PART II: THE ESSENTIALS APPLIED gives you tools to use before, during, and after the sale, including tips on prospecting, preparing, and conducting the discovery meetings, qualifying in and out, getting the most out of follow-up meetings, closing deals, and setting up accounts for success and expansion. Real, raw, and direct, you'll learn from someone who has been in the sales trenches for years--no fluff!
  • PART III: BEYOND THE ESSENTIALS offers even more hands-on advice about the human side of sales-from dealing with rejection and self-doubt to learning about specific tactics to help protect your mental health.

About the Author

Rana Salman, MBA, PhD, collaborates with sales, marketing, and enablement leaders to improve sales effectiveness and overall customer experience. She is the founder of Salman Consulting, LLC, and co-founder of the sales networking group WiSE (Women in Sales Enablement). She has been named one of the year's "Women Making an Impact in Sales Enablement" (2022) by Sales Enablement Pro and one of the "Top Female Sales Practitioners for Your Next Panel, Presentation, or Podcast" (2021) by Sales Hacker.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - The Heart of Sales
  • Chapter 2 - The Challenges of Sales
  • Chapter 3 - Characteristics of Successful Salespeople
  • Chapter 4 - Know Your Product
  • Chapter 5 - Build Your Social Presence
  • Chapter 6 - Be Diligent About Prospecting
  • Chapter 7 - Prepare for the Discovery Meeting
  • Interactive Exercise 1: Before the Sale
  • Chapter 8 - Make a Positive First Impression
  • Chapter 9 - Manage the Discovery Meeting
  • Chapter 10 - Communicate Your Solution Effectively
  • Chapter 11 - Learn the Art of Collaborative Selling
  • Chapter 12 - Close the Sale
  • Interactive Exercise 2: During the Sale
  • Chapter 13 - Set Up Accounts for Success
  • Chapter 14 - Analyze the Sales Process
  • Chapter 15 - Leverage the Account for Additional Opportunities
  • Interactive Exercise 3: After the Sale
  • Chapter 16 - Dealing with Rejection
  • Chapter 17 - Protecting Your Mental Health
  • Chapter 18 - Embracing Your Career in Sales
  • Exercise Answer Key