Selling Professional Services the Sandler Way Or, Nobody Ever Told Me I'd Have to Sell!

  • 5h 39m 28s
  • Chuck Polin, David Mattson, Evan Polin
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Years ago, developing and sustaining a book of business was not as big a problem for accountants, attorneys, financial planners, and other professionals as it is today. Clients were more loyal to the firms they worked with, and unlikely to shop your services, compare rates, or jump ship.

Times have changed! And if you don't change along with them...well, you're not going to enjoy yourself or have as much control over your career as you deserve.

Believe it or not, you can enjoy the process of expanding your client base. How? By taking skills you've already mastered and enjoy deploying, and deploying them in a slightly different way.

Even though you didn't go into this career to become a salesperson, even though you'd rather not have to worry about building up or expanding your base of business, even though you think you're no good at business can leverage the strengths you already have and use on a daily basis, along with some easy-to-learn new skills, to achieve or exceed your business and professional goals.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter One - “Nobody Ever Told Me I'd Have to Sell”
  • Chapter Two - The Comfort Zone
  • Chapter Three - “How Do I Get Started?”
  • Chapter Four - Setting SMART Goals
  • Chapter Five - Move from Vendor to Strategic Advisor
  • Chapter Six - Developing Your Targets
  • Chapter Seven - Managing Your Time and Your Financial Resources
  • Chapter Eight - “Where Do I Find Prospective Clients?”
  • Chapter Nine - Up-Selling and Cross-Selling
  • Chapter Ten - Developing a 30-Second Commercial That Differentiates You from the Competition
  • Chapter Eleven - Leveraging Your Contacts
  • Chapter Twelve - Ask for Referrals in a Professional Manner
  • Chapter Thirteen - Leveraging Social Media
  • Chapter Fourteen - Advanced Prospecting Techniques: Workshops, Seminars, and Peer Groups
  • Chapter Fifteen - Measuring Return on Investment for All of Your Prospecting Activities
  • Chapter Sixteen - Unpaid Consulting
  • Chapter Seventeen - Bonding and Rapport
  • Chapter Eighteen - The Up-Front Contract
  • Chapter Nineteen - Pain
  • Chapter Twenty - Budget
  • Chapter Twenty-One - Decision
  • Chapter Twenty-Two - Fulfillment
  • Chapter Twenty-Three - Post-Sell
  • Chapter Twenty-Four - Using the System to Develop and Expand Your Base of Business