Selling the Hug Your Customers Way: The Proven Process for Becoming a Passionate and Successful Salesperson for Life

  • 9h 38m
  • Jack Mitchell
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2018

In his groundbreaking books, Hug Your Customers - a Wall Street Journal best seller - and Hug Your People, Jack Mitchell brought a warm human touch to the often-cold, bottom-line world of business. As the CEO of Mitchell's clothing stores, one of the most successful small businesses in the country, he noticed that customer service and satisfaction get a lot of lip service - but not enough hugs. When you focus on the emotional connection as well as the intellectual aspect of a sale, you form strong lasting relationships that keep your customers returning, sales rising, and business booming.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Harold Hill Never Got it
  • Chapter 2 - Caring Can Be a Learned Skill
  • Chapter 3 - The First Stage: Making the Connection
  • Chapter 4 - The Second Stage: Decoding the Mission
  • Chapter 5 - The Third Stage: Show and Share
  • Chapter 6 - The Fourth Stage: Allowing the Buy
  • Chapter 7 - The Fifth Stage: The Kiss Goodbye
  • Chapter 8 - The Extra Stage: One for Good Measure
  • Chapter 9 - You Can't Sell Alone
  • Chapter 10 - Imagine the Difference If Everyone Hugged … Wouldn't it Be Nice?