Selling the Price Increase: The Ultimate B2B Field Guide for Getting Price Increases Without Losing Customers

  • 6h 55m 43s
  • Jeb Blount
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

In Selling the Price Increase, celebrated sales trainer Jeb Blount reveals the strategies, tactics, techniques, and frameworks that allow you to successfully master price increase initiatives. From crafting effective price increase messages to protecting hard-won relationships, handling common objections, and making the case for the value you deliver, this comprehensive guide walks you through each step of the price increase sales process.

In each chapter, you'll find practical exercises designed to help you master the Selling the Price Increase system. As you dive into these powerful insights, and with each new chapter, you'll gain greater and greater confidence in your ability to successfully engage customers in price increase conversations.

You'll learn: how to navigate multiple price increase scenarios: broad-based, targeted, non-negotiable, negotiable, defending, presenting, and asking; the eight price increase narratives and three drivers of customer price increase acceptance; how to avoid the big mistakes that trigger resentment and drive customers into the arms of your competitors; the 9-Box Risk-Profile Framework for targeting accounts for price increases; a repeatable process for confidently approaching price increase conversations; the Five-Step Price Increase Messaging Framework; and much more.

About the Author

JEB BLOUNT is an acclaimed trainer and international bestselling author of fourteen books, including, Virtual Training, Virtual Selling,Fanatical Prospecting, Sales EQ, People Follow You, and Inked. Through his global training organization Sales Gravy, Jeb and his team help companies of all sizes accelerate sales productivity and revenue growth fast.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Sales Professionals Hate Price Increases
  • Chapter 2 - The Five fears
  • Chapter 3 - Awareness and the Origin of Fear
  • Chapter 4 - Developing Emotional Self-Control
  • Chapter 5 - Stop Worrying, Start Preparing
  • Chapter 6 - Relationships Matter
  • Chapter 7 - Triggering Resentment and Contempt
  • Chapter 8 - Wait, I Don’t Even Know You!
  • Chapter 9 - Price Increases When You Have All the Power
  • Chapter 10 - Make Breaking Up Hard to Do
  • Chapter 11 - The Three Approaches to Price Increase Conversations
  • Chapter 12 - Defending Price Increases: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  • Chapter 13 - The Price Increase Sales Process
  • Chapter 14 - The Price Increase Risk Profile
  • Chapter 15 - Planning the Price Increase Conversation
  • Chapter 16 - Set the Stage
  • Chapter 17 - Message Matters
  • Chapter 18 - Influencing Price Increase Acceptance
  • Chapter 19 - The Eight Price Increase Narratives
  • Chapter 20 - The Price Increase Because Statement
  • Chapter 21 - The Formal Price Increase Business Case
  • Chapter 22 - Closing
  • Chapter 23 - The Ledge Technique
  • Chapter 24 - Four Technique for Handling Price Increase Objections
  • Chapter 25 - Negotiating the Price Increase: D.E.A.L. Framework
  • Chapter 26 - Discover
  • Chapter 27 - Explain
  • Chapter 28 - Protect the Points
  • Chapter 29 - Align and Lock
  • Chapter 30 - The Battle Begins
  • Chapter 31 - Leading Price Increase Initiatives
  • Chapter 32 - Managing Price Increases
  • Chapter 33 - Coaching Price Increases