She Believed She Could: Show Up, Shine Bright, and Achieve Abundant Success

  • 5h 25m 17s
  • Allison Walsh
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

Find deeper fulfillment and success in your life and work

In She Believed She Could, expert business consultant, international speaker, and podcaster Allison Walsh delivers a practical and hands-on guide to evolving into the person you want to be. Allison draws from her expertise in positive psychology, the science of happiness, well-being, and success, pouring her wisdom and advice into every story, strategy, and suggestion. You'll learn actionable tools to elevate your mindset, enhance your confidence, and create a clear success plan for your future.

In the book, you'll find: strategies and frameworks that will help you show up, shine bright, and create abundant success; ways to give yourself permission to thrive, flourish, and optimize your potential—every single day; how to tame your inner critic and overcome imposter syndrome; and how to leverage your personal brand and enhance your earning potential and opportunities.

An essential resource for seasoned executives and new professionals alike, She Believed She Could will also earn a place in the libraries of entrepreneurs, founders, creators, freelancers, and anyone else who seeks a happier, more empowered, and successful life.

About the Author

ALLISON WALSH, JD, is an expert business consultant, founder, bestselling author, international speaker, and influential leader helping high-stakes individuals build their confidence, grow their businesses, and elevate their personal brands.

She has over 15 years of experience in organizational leadership, is a Vice President for Charlie Health, and a member of the Forbes Business Development Council and the Entrepreneur Leadership Network. For more information, visit

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Optimize Your Potential: You’ve Already Got What It Takes
  • Chapter 2 - Own It: Embrace Who You Are
  • Chapter 3 - Let Go to Grow: Release What’s Holding You Back
  • Chapter 4 - Master Your Mindset: Confidence Is Your Key to Success
  • Chapter 5 - A Checkup from the Neck Up: Take Care of Yourself
  • Chapter 6 - Relationships Matter: It Takes a Village
  • Chapter 7 - Get Strategic: Set and Achieve Meaningful Goals
  • Chapter 8 - Your Success Routine: Master Your Time Management Skills
  • Chapter 9 - Build Your Brand: Your Story Is Your Superpower
  • Chapter 10 - Embrace Your Evolution: When to Lean into New Opportunities
  • Acknowledgments