Skin in the Game: No Longer Just a C-Level Employee

  • 11h 4m 56s
  • Jim Gilreath
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2016

This audiobook is the definitive resource for learning the tricks of the trade and potential pitfalls in the hiring process as well as how to conduct an effective skin-in-the-game C-Suite job search.

Skin in the Game is about middle-market private equity hiring of C-Suite executives coupled with the author's unique due diligence screening process. In this audiobook you'll discover examples of hires who earned millions, the difference between a stakeholder and a hired hand, how to write an incredible bio and elevator pitch, how to find private equity investors that fit your profile, secrets to hiring effective C-level employees, and sample job offers and bonus materials. The award-winning author has 28 years of experience placing CEOs and other C-level executives in middle-market portfolio companies for private equity firms.

Skin in the Game is essential listening for M&A industry professionals, C-Suite executive job seekers, middle-market private equity partners, headhunters, HR executives, MBA students, and corporate hiring authorities.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The Concept of Skin in the Game
  • Chapter 2 - Preparing for Your Skin in the Game Job Search
  • Chapter 3 - What Do Lower Middle Market Private Equity Groups (PEGs) Seek in Skin in the Game (SITG) C-Level Executive Talent?
  • Chapter 4 - Writing Your Indiana Jones Bio: Definition of an IJ Bio and its Purpose
  • Chapter 5 - Resume and Cover Letter Tips
  • Chapter 6 - Four Exhibits of C-Level Hires from Skin in the Game Searches
  • Chapter 7 - Organizing Your References Before Launching a Skin in the Game C-Level Job Search
  • Chapter 8 - Fine Tuning Your Presentation: Preparing for M&A and PEG Networking Meetings, and PEG Interviews
  • Chapter 9 - Networking
  • Chapter 10 - Skin in the Game PEG 1st & 2nd C-Suite Job Interviews
  • Chapter 11 - From the Job Offer to Being Hired
  • Chapter 12 - Conclusion