Social Machines: How to Develop Connected Products That Change Customers' Lives

  • 5h 10m 50s
  • Peter Semmelhack
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Companies like Facebook and Twitter have redefined social interaction. But what if "machines" like automobiles, bicycles, health monitors, appliances, instruments, and anything else you can connect to the Internet, could all become members of your social network, collect data you care about, and feed it back to you at just the right time? Nike+ is already doing this for your body, but every major industry, from healthcare to cars to home construction, is now building sensors and digital connectivity into their next generation of products. Companies like Ford, Pepsi, Verizon, and Procter and Gamble are also using "social machines" to reach new markets, improve brand/market awareness, and increase revenues.

Social Machines is the first audiobook for business people, marketers, product developers, and technologists, explaining how this trend will change our world, how your business will benefit, and how to create connected products that customers love.

  • Explains how smart phones and tablets enable Social Machines
  • Describes how digital technology is being "baked in" to the most unlikely new products - even wheelchairs
  • Articulates how the "Internet of Things" is becoming social - and why that's the foundation for powerful new business models

In the very near future, every great new product will be social. The next stage of interaction between people and our environment is upon us.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - A Social Internet of Things
  • Chapter 3 - Why Social Networks Must Evolve
  • Chapter 4 - Social Machines and the Future of Humankind
  • Chapter 5 - Overview
  • Chapter 6 - A Brief History of Abstraction
  • Chapter 7 - Social Product Design
  • Chapter 8 - Avatars and the Social Seven—Unique Characteristics of Social Machines
  • Chapter 9 - Spheres of Use, or Why Your New Product Should Do Things You Never Envisioned
  • Chapter 10 - Introduction
  • Chapter 11 - How to Build a Business Using Social Machines
  • Chapter 12 - My Customer's Customer is My Customer—The Beauty of a Social Value Chain
  • Chapter 13 - The Art of Social Pricing
  • Chapter 14 - Design Requirements—What Does it Take to Actually Design and Build a Social Machine?
  • Chapter 15 - Getting There from Here
  • Chapter 16 - Smart Home
  • Chapter 17 - Retail
  • Chapter 18 - Transportation
  • Chapter 19 - Finance
  • Chapter 20 - Health and Wellness