Squirrel, Inc.: A Fable of Leadership Through Storytelling

  • 3h 54m 47s
  • Stephen Denning
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2004

A private consultant who specializes in knowledge management and organizational storytelling, Stephen Denning has a list of clients that includes GE, IBM, Shell, McDonald's, and the US Army. In this witty book, he explains that storytelling can be the key to overcoming obstacles and generating enthusiasm in the workplace. With Denning's guidance, leaders can steer their companies toward new levels of success.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 Squirrel Inc.: How to Craft a Story to Spark Organizational Change
  • Chapter 2 Diana Tells Her Story: How to Perform the Story to Spark Change
  • Chapter 3 Save Squirrel Inc. Night: Seven Types of Organizational Storytelling
  • Chapter 4 Whyse's Story: How to Use Storytelling to Reveal Who You are and Build Trust
  • Chapter 5 Hester's Story: How to Use Storytelling to Get Individuals to Work Together
  • Chapter 6 Mark's Story: How to Use Storytelling to Transmit Values
  • Chapter 7 Mocha's Story: How to Use Storytelling to Tame the Grapevine
  • Chapter 8 Howe's Story: How to Use Storytelling to Share Knowledge
  • Chapter 9 Sandra's Story: How to Use Storytelling to Create a Future
  • Chapter 10 Howe Upsets the Acorns: How Individuals and Organizations React to Change
  • Chapter 11 The Journey of a Leader: Staying Alive Through the Dangers of Leadership
  • Chapter 12 The Return to Squirrel Inc.: Living the Story as Well as Telling It