Start-Ups, Pivots and Pop-Ups: How to Succeed by Creating Your Own Business

  • 7h 39m 21s
  • Rachel Bell, Richard Hall
  • Kogan Page
  • 2019

Start-Ups, Pivots and Pop-Ups is a must-listen for anyone with a business idea and the desire to be successful. It gives the listener the skills and knowledge to survive in today's innovation and entrepreneurial-focused world. This audiobook is about starting a business.

It's about putting your toe in the entrepreneurial water - perhaps, through doing a short term business gig or a pop-up business - and then seeing what happens. It shows you how to listen to the customer and work out why failures may happen, and when they do, you'll learn how to deal with them and create a new business that is robust and ready to grow.

Start-Ups, Pivots and Pop-Ups shows you the best ways of starting, testing, and growing a business. It shares the stories, experiences, and insights of those who've done it and explains how to innovate, try, refine, and succeed.

Even if your business idea struggles, you'll find out how to learn so much that you'll pivot your business, try again, and then win big time. You'll learn from a range of organizations including abnormal beauty company Deciem, Leon fast food, Triumph lingerie, New York fashion tech Nineteenth Amendment, Brew Dog beer, Cambridge Satchels, Allbirds, and the Cornish Seaweed Company.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The Ups and Downs of Starting a New Business
  • Chapter 2 - The Start-up Revolution
  • Chapter 3 - Pivots, Refinements and Surprises
  • Chapter 4 - Pop-Ups, Questions and Experiments
  • Chapter 5 - Start-Ups: How to Do Them. How to Succeed
  • Chapter 6 - Conclusions and Summary