Start with Who: How Small to Medium Businesses Can Win Big with Trust and a Story

  • 7h 32m 35s
  • W. Craig Reed
  • Gildan Media
  • 2024

Start with Who, with a foreword by EOS Visionaries Mike Paton and Mark O'Donnell, is the next generation beyond business books written decades ago, including Simon Sinek's Start with Why and The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson. The groundbreaking science, examples, and concepts in this book are delivered in easy-to-understand terms and designed to help drive meteoric success for sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals who have started or work for small to medium businesses.

Over 90 percent of customers buy on trust, but only 3 percent of salespersons are trusted. Start with Who takes science-based storytelling for sales, marketing, and talent acquisition to a new level by showing you how to blend Aristotle's Persuasion Model, business neuromarketing, the educational 4MAT system, and a new approach to the Three-Act Play to build customer and candidate trust with only twelve bullet points and a story. All salespersons know that "facts tell and stories sell." Having trained and coached thousands of sales and marketing professionals for leading firms, New York Times bestselling author W. Craig Reed leverages decades of experience to help individuals hone their messaging down to a few short bullet points presented in a compelling yet easy-to-understand story format designed to teach, persuade, and drive action.

About the Author

W. Craig Reed served as a U.S. Navy reconnaissance diver, submarine-weapons technician, and special-operations photographer deployed on nuclear fast-attack submarines. He earned commendations for completing top-secret operations during the Cold War and is an alumnus or member of several military, veteran, and technology associations. Born into a Navy family on the island of Guam, he is now a partner in a technology marketing-consulting firm and lives in Silicon Valley, California.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Virtual Storms
  • Chapter 2 - Hitting the Target
  • Chapter 3 - The Landscape
  • Chapter 4 - Persuasion
  • Chapter 5 - No Brainer
  • Chapter 6 - Psycho Babble
  • Chapter 7 - Not So Challenging
  • Chapter 8 - Over the Rainbow
  • Chapter 9 - Flying Monkeys
  • Chapter 10 - FROG ACTS
  • Chapter 11 - Drowning
  • Chapter 12 - No Place Like Home
  • Chapter 13 - Three Choices
  • Chapter 14 - Guide Me
  • Chapter 15 - Tailoring
  • Chapter 16 - 4STORY
  • Chapter 17 - Change Management
  • Chapter 18 - Leadership
  • Chapter 19 - Traction
  • Chapter 20 - Inside Job