Steal the Show: How to Guarantee a Standing Ovation for All the Performances in Your Life

  • 7h 38m 28s
  • Michael Port
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2015

Every day there are moments when you must persuade, inform, and motivate others effectively. Each of those moments requires you, in some way, to play a role, to heighten the impact of your words, and to manage your emotions and nerves. Every interaction is a performance, whether you're speaking up in a meeting, pitching a client, or walking into a job interview.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Find Your Voice
  • 2. Play the Right Role in Every Situation
  • 3. Crush Your Fears and Silence the Critics
  • 4. Have a Clear Objective
  • 5. Act “As if …”
  • 6. Raise the Stakes
  • 7. Say “Yes, and …”
  • 8. Be in the Moment
  • 9. Choose Early and Often
  • 10. How to Craft Captivating Pitches, Speeches, and Stories
  • 11. How to Create and Tell Stories That Make 'Em Laugh or Cry
  • 12. How to Rehearse and Stage World-Class Performances
  • 13. How to Produce Powerful Openings, Commanding Closings, and Amazing Audience Interaction
  • 14. How to Improvise Your Way into the Hearts and Minds of the Toughest Crowds
  • 15. How to Get a Standing Ovation Every Time – Really


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