Stop the Clock!: Strategies to Bust Through Productivity Barriers

  • 10h 37m 50s
  • Chris Widener, Dawn Jones, Jeff Davidson, Laura Stack, Tom Corson-Knowles
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2017

Are you plagued with constantly running out of time? Do you repeatedly feel overwhelmed? Would you like to squeeze more time out of every day? Not to worry - now you can tap these ingenious strategies to launch your productivity to new heights. By the time you've finished this program, you'll know just how to smash your deadlines and power through your most challenging tasks. This program teaches you the difference between settling for mediocre results and achieving resounding success by becoming the master of your time.

Stop the Clock! will help you transform your life from demoralizing procrastination to delightful productivity. When you begin to schedule your success, systemize your routines, destroy your distractions, and tackle timewasters, you will explode your productivity and accomplish more in less time. Join productivity pro Laura Stack, along with Tom Corson-Knowles, Jeff Davidson, and Chris Widener on a star-studded journey to your most proficient self.

Get the program that professionals everywhere are raving about, and get productive!

In this Audiobook

  • Schedule Your Success
  • Step 1 - Creating Awareness by Identifying Unconscious Habits
  • Step 2 - Identifying Your Habits
  • Step 3 - Analyzing and Forecasting Your Current Habits
  • Step 4 - Prioritizing Habits to Change
  • Step 5 - Improving Existing Good Habits
  • Step 6 - Creating Massive Results by Changing One Habit
  • More Tips for Creating Lasting Habit Change and Empowering Habits
  • Keep Making Progress
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  • Connect with Tom
  • About the Author
  • One Last Thing…
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • Why I Wrote This Book
  • Chapter 1 - The System
  • Chapter 2 - Systemize
  • Chapter 3 - Automate
  • Chapter 4 - Delegate
  • Chapter 5 - Solving the Big Problems after Systemization
  • Chapter 6 - Ninja Business Tools and Tricks
  • A Very Powerful System
  • Excerpt from 101 Ways to Start a Business for Less Than a Thousand Dollars
  • Connect with the Author
  • About the Author
  • One Last Thing…
  • Attention!
  • Chapter 1 - Time is the Most Valuable Asset You Own
  • Chapter 2 - How More is Less
  • Chapter 3 - Meditation, and Why I Hate That Word
  • Chapter 4 - Time Wasters or Time Well Spent?
  • Chapter 5 - The Amplifier Effect
  • Chapter 6 - The Six-Step System for Overcoming Distractions and Problems
  • Chapter 7 - Overcoming Chronic Distractions and Addictive Habits
  • Chapter 8 - How to Identify Your Most Valuable Activities
  • Chapter 9 - Distractions Increase as Your Success Does
  • Chapter 10 - Common Distractions and How to Overcome Them
  • Chapter 11 - Saying No
  • Chapter 12 - The Project Productivity Curve
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  • About the Author
  • One Last Thing…
  • Earnings Disclaimer
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