Strategic Analytics: The Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review

  • 3h 3m 51s
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Data analytics offer an incredible opportunity to predict the future, engage with new technological advancements, and gain valuable insights about your business. But unless you're staying on top of the cutting edge of analytics, your company is wasting that potential - and your competitors will be gaining speed while you fall behind.

These articles by experts and consultants will help you understand today's essential thinking about what data analytics are capable of and how to adopt their use in your organization. This book will help you kick off urgent conversations, focus on the right initiatives in your company, and capitalize on the opportunity of analytics.

Get up to speed and deepen your understanding of the topics that are shaping your company's future with the Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review series. Featuring HBR's smartest thinking on fast-moving issues - blockchain, cybersecurity, AI, and more - each book provides the foundational introduction and practical case studies your organization needs to compete today and collects the best research, interviews, and analysis to get it ready for tomorrow.

You can't afford to ignore how these issues will transform the landscape of business and society. The Insights You Need series will help you grasp these critical ideas - and prepare you and your company for the future.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The Five Essential Elements for Succeeding with Data by Thomas C. Redman
  • Chapter 2 - Understanding the Types of Data and How They're Captured by Hugo Bowne-Anderson
  • Chapter 3 - The Right Way to Deploy Predictive Analytics by Eric Siegel
  • Chapter 4 - What Great Data Analysts Do by Cassie Kozyrkov
  • Chapter 5 - What Data is and isn't Good for by Joel Shapiro
  • Chapter 6 - Prioritize Which Data Skills Your Company Needs by Chris Littlewood
  • Chapter 7 - How a German Manufacturing Company Set up its Analytics Lab by Niklas Goby, Tobias Brandt, and Dirk Neumann
  • Chapter 8 - Cloud Computing is Helping Smaller, Newer Firms Compete by Nicholas Bloom and Nicola Pierri
  • Chapter 9 - Data Science and the Art of Persuasion by Scott Berinato
  • Chapter 10 - How Vineyard Vines Uses Analytics to Win Over Customers by Dave Sutton
  • Chapter 11 - How to Use Employee Data Responsibly by Ellyn Shook, Eva Sage-Gavin, and Susan Cantrell
  • Chapter 12 - What AI-Driven Decision Making Looks Like by Eric Colson
  • Chapter 13 - How Companies Can Use the Data They Collect to Further the Public Good by Edward L. Glaeser, Hyunjin Kim, and Michael Luca