Strength-Based Leadership Coaching in Organizations: An Evidence-Based Guide to Positive Leadership Development

  • 6h 19m 58s
  • Doug MacKie
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2018

Positive organizational psychology, with its focus on the identification and development of strengths, is a natural ally to executive development and leadership coaching. However, this approach is only just beginning to come to the attention of organizations and consequently, the research base for strength-based coaching is in its early stages of development. Strength-based Leadership Coaching in Organizations reviews strength-based approaches to positive leadership development and evaluates the evidence for their effectiveness, critically assesses their apparent distinctiveness, and considers how strengths can be reliably assessed and developed in their organizational context.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to Strength-Based Approaches in Organizations
  • Chapter 2: Strengths Definitions and Models
  • Chapter 3: Positive Leadership Theories
  • Chapter 4: Strengths Identification and Assessment
  • Chapter 5: Evidence for the Effectiveness of Positive Approaches to Leadership Development
  • Chapter 6: Strengths Development
  • Chapter 7: Coaching for Positive Leadership Development in Organizations
  • Chapter 8: Using Strengthbased Approaches as a Leader or Manager
  • Chapter 9: Using Strengthbased Approaches for Team Development
  • Chapter 10: The Context and Limits of Strength-Based Leadership Coaching


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