Sun Tzu Strategies for Selling: How to Use The Art of War to Build Lifelong Customer Relationships

  • 4h 19m 36s
  • Gerald A. Michaelson, Steven W. Michaelson
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2005

In Sun Tzu Strategies for Selling, the world's leading interpreter of Sun Tzu's timeless strategies for the modern business audience shows you how the ancient Chinese General's classic strategies can lead you to victory on the increasingly competitive sales battlefield—or, better yet, without doing battle at all!

Packed with brilliant insights that will help you establish long-term relationships with your clients and prevail over any competitor, this new translation of The Art of War includes special notations underscoring the relevance of Sun Tzu's writings to sales strategy. It also transforms Sun Tzu's wisdom into contemporary sales advice, object lessons, and real life actions that will help you win big sales and keep your customers coming back for more.

In this Audiobook

  • 1 Meet the Enemy
  • 2 Knowledge Leads to Victory
  • 3 Be Professional
  • 4 Occupy the High Ground
  • 5 Be an Expert
  • 6 Understand Selling as a Process
  • 7 Be Organized—Have a System
  • 8 Get Better and Better
  • 9 Get Your Strategy Right
  • 10 Win without Fighting
  • 11 Know Your Competitor
  • 12 Aim for Big Wins
  • 13 Learn from Lost Sales
  • 14 Seize the Initiative
  • 15 Feed the Funnel
  • 16 Sell from Strength
  • 17 Teamwork Works
  • 18 Time and Timing Aid Victory
  • 19 Be a Gorilla—or Be a Guerilla
  • 20 Take Calculated Risks
  • 21 When Things Go Wrong
  • The First Step: Create A Need
  • 22 Set the Stage
  • 23 Ask Questions and Listen, Please
  • 24 Turn Problems into Opportunities
  • The Second Step: Maximize the Need
  • 25 Scope It Up—or Down