Super You: Release Your Inner Superhero

  • 7h 37m 35s
  • Emily Gordon
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2015

Superheroes don't start from glorious beginnings. Their origins are almost always marked by traumatic events that leave them helpless and scared. Batman witnessed his parents' murder. Superman was sent away from his dying planet with no one to guide him as he grew up. Orphaned Catwoman was forced to steal food to survive on the streets of Gotham.

What makes these superheroes super is their determination to not be defined by helplessness. They embrace their origins, their flaws, and their mistakes and strive every day to become the best versions of themselves - for the benefit of themselves and others.

Super You is a fun, friendly, and unabashedly geeky guide to becoming the superhero of your own extraordinary life. Author Emily Gordon examines comic book tropes to find lessons that anyone can apply toward overcoming tragic events and adversity in their own lives. With activities in every chapter to help identify each person's superpowers, special tools, personal kryptonite - and weapons against it - Super You is the perfect sidekick for every growing hero, empowering everyday people to transform into the most kick-ass versions of themselves.

In this Audiobook

  • CHAPTER 1 Identity: Who Would You Like to Be Today?
  • CHAPTER 2 Missions: Should You Choose to Accept Them
  • CHAPTER 3 Fundamentals: Rights, Responsibilities, Choice, and Control in a Superhero World
  • CHAPTER 4 Head Versus Heart: Making Emotions Your Bitch
  • CHAPTER 5 Plucked from the Shadowy Superhero Research Lab: Super You's Toolbag
  • CHAPTER 6 Superpowers: Can You Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound?
  • CHAPTER 7 Weaknesses: Embracing Them, Working with Them, Protecting Them
  • CHAPTER 8 Cheap Armor and Weapons: What Outmoded “Protection” Are You Hiding Behind?
  • CHAPTER 9 From the Annals of Time: Constructing Your Origin Story
  • CHAPTER 10 A Super You Among Regular Others: Being Out in the Universe


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