Talk Your Way to the Top

  • 4h 9m 30s
  • Kevin Daley, Laura Daley-Caravella
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2004

Every business situation is both a presentation and a chance to leave a positive impression. In Talk Your Way to the Top, corporate communications gurus Kevin Daley and Laura Daley-Caravella give readers the know-how to recognize and maximize the opportunities they face throughout the day.

Each chapter represents a specific situation, from running a meeting to disagreeing with the boss, and outlines the steps needed to handle it with poise, skill, and success.

Communication has a tremendous impact on how professionals are judged. Talk Your Way to the Top gives them the skills they need to:

  • Know when and where to speak up—versus when to shut up
  • Convey passion and make it contagious
  • Connect with an audience on multiple levels

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Afraid? You Are Not Alone!
  • Chapter 2: How to Stand Up and Speak as Well as You Think
  • Chapter 3: How to Present Up the Management Chain
  • Chapter 4: How to Be a Luncheon Speaker
  • Chapter 5: How to Handle Audience Pressure
  • Chapter 6: How to Orchestrate the Successful Business Lunch
  • Chapter 7: How to Sell Your Ideas
  • Chapter 8: How to Speak on the Spot
  • Chapter 9: How to Move a Group to Action
  • Chapter 10: How to Brief the Boss
  • Chapter 11: How to Deliver Bad News
  • Chapter 12: How to Run a Meeting So Well Your Participants Will Applaud
  • Chapter 13: How to Disagree with Your Boss without Getting Fired
  • Chapter 14: How to Persuade Through a Talk
  • Chapter 15: How to Emcee an Event, Introduce Speakers, and Present Awards
  • Chapter 16: How to Deliver a Talk to Inspire


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