Terraform in Action

  • 8h 2m 19s
  • Scott Winkler
  • Manning Publications
  • 2021

In Terraform in Action you will learn:

  • Cloud architecture with Terraform
  • Terraform module sharing and the private module registry
  • Terraform security in a multitenant environment
  • Strategies for performing blue/green deployments
  • Refactoring for code maintenance and reusability
  • Running Terraform at scale
  • Creating your own Terraform provider

Using Terraform as a continuous development/continuous delivery platform Terraform in Action introduces the infrastructure-as-code (IaC) model that lets you instantaneously create new components and respond efficiently to changes in demand. You’ll use the Terraform automation tool to design and manage servers that can be provisioned, shared, changed, tested, and deployed with a single command.

About the technology

Provision, deploy, scale, and clone your entire stack to the cloud at the touch of a button. In Terraform, you create a collection of simple declarative scripts that define and manage application infrastructure. This powerful infrastructure-as-code approach automates key tasks like versioning and testing for everything, from low-level networking to cloud services.

About the audiobook

Terraform in Action shows you how to automate and scale infrastructure programmatically using the Terraform toolkit. Using practical, relevant examples, you’ll use Terraform to provision a Kubernetes cluster, deploy a multiplayer game, and configure other hands-on projects. As you progress to advanced techniques like zero-downtime deployments, you’ll discover how to think in Terraform rather than just copying and pasting scripts.

About the audience

For listeners experienced with a major cloud platform such as AWS. Examples in JavaScript and Golang.

About the author

Scott Winkler is a DevOps engineer and a distinguished Terraform expert. He has spoken multiple times at HashiTalks and HashiConf, and was selected as a HashiCorp Ambassador and Core Contributor in 2020.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Getting started with Terraform
  • Chapter 2 - Life cycle of a Terraform resource
  • Chapter 3 - Functional programming
  • Chapter 4 - Deploying a multi-tiered web application in AWS
  • Chapter 5 - Serverless made easy
  • Chapter 6 - Terraform with friends
  • Chapter 7 - CI/CD pipelines as code
  • Chapter 8 - A multi-cloud MMORPG
  • Chapter 9 - Zero-downtime deployments
  • Chapter 10 - Testing and refactoring
  • Chapter 11 - Extending Terraform by writing a custom provider
  • Chapter 12 - Automating Terraform
  • Chapter 13 - Security and secrets management