The 10 Golden Rules of Customer Service: The Story of the $6,000 Egg

  • 53m 13s
  • Deb Duncan, Todd Duncan
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

Through the story of a $6,000 egg, Deb and Todd Duncan reveal that even the smallest interactions have the power to create lifelong patrons or alienate once-devoted customers. The 10 Golden Rules of Customer Service represents the costly mistake of removing customer satisfaction from the bottom line. The teachable moments divulged throughout the audiobook transcend industry or career level and encourage everyone to contribute. You must go above and beyond in order to get ahead.

In this Audiobook

  • Golden Rule No. 1: Go Beyond and Beyond and Beyond
  • Golden Rule No. 2: Delight the Customer Every Step of the Way
  • Golden Rule No. 3: Make the Milestone Magical and Memorable
  • Golden Rule No. 4: Serve!
  • Golden Rule No. 5: Use Over-the-Top Communication to WOW the Customer
  • Golden Rule No. 6: Deliver the Unexpected to Create Business Karma
  • Golden Rule No. 7: Blow Your Customer Away
  • Golden Rule No. 8: Offer Sizzling Guarantees
  • Golden Rule No. 9: Recover Boldly
  • Golden Rule No. 10: Make Saying Thank You a Big-Time Event


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