The 25 Sales Skills They Don't Teach at Business School

  • 1h 42m 44s
  • Stephan Schiffman
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2014

You can break into today’s cutting-edge sales force¯and become a leader. All it takes is learning Stephan Schiffman’s essential skills. Honed to perfection over decades of experience, his techniques will make you a top sales performer.

In this Audiobook

  • Skill #1 Beware of Bad Advice on the Internet
  • Skill #2 Use Company Events to Move the Relationship Forward
  • Skill #3 Stop Spinning Your Wheels with People Who Don't Really Want to Work with You—and Start “Following the Yes”
  • Skill #4 Harness the Power of “I Didn't Anticipate That”
  • Skill #5 Beware “Casual Friday”
  • Skill #6 Ask Key Questions about Your Best Accounts
  • Skill #7 Find Out What's Changed
  • Skill #8 Use E-mail Intelligently
  • Skill #9 When in Doubt, Ask for the Appointment
  • Skill #10 Don't Try to Close
  • Skill #11 Raise Tough Issues Yourself
  • Skill #12 Get More Return Phone Calls
  • Skill #13 Don't Bring Everything!
  • Skill #14 Don't “Product Dump”
  • Skill #15 Beyond “Slapshot Selling”
  • Skill #16 Master PIPA (Learn the Art of Conducting a Great First Meeting)
  • Skill #17 Get Prospects to Open Up to You
  • Skill #18 Prepare Questions ahead of Time!
  • Skill #19 Don't Present Too Early
  • Skill #20 Verify Your Information
  • Skill #21 Ask Yourself the Right Questions
  • Skill #22 Know What You Want before You Even Walk in the Door
  • Skill #23 Work Your Way up the Ladder
  • Skill #24 Close the Sale
  • Skill #25 Avoid the Ten Most Common Mistakes