The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization

  • 3h 20m 16s
  • John C. Maxwell
  • Thomas Nelson
  • 2006

In The 360-Degree Leader Maxwell asserts that you don't have to be the main leader to make significant impact in your organization. Good leaders are not only capable of leading their followers but are also adept at leading their superiors and their peers. Debunking myths and shedding light on the challenges, John Maxwell offers specific principles for Leading Down, Leading Up, and Leading Across. 360-Degree Leaders can lead effectively, regardless of their position in an organization. By applying Maxwell's principles, you will expand your influence and ultimately be a more valuable team member.

In this Audiobook

  • Myth #1: The Position Myth – “I can't lead if I am not at the top.”
  • Myth #2: The Destination Myth – “When I get to the top, then I'll learn to lead.”
  • Myth #3: The Influence Myth – “If I were on top, then people would follow me.”
  • Myth #4: The Inexperience Myth – “When I get to the top, I'll be in control.”
  • Myth #5: The Freedom Myth – “When I get to the top, I'll no longer be limited.”
  • Myth #6: The Potential Myth – “I can't reach my potential if I'm not the top leader.”
  • Myth #7: The All-or-Nothing Myth – “If I can't get to the top, then I won't try to lead.”
  • Lead-Up Principle #1: Lead Yourself Exceptionally Well
  • Lead-Up Principle #2: Lighten Your Leader's Load
  • Lead-Up Principle #3: Be Willing to Do What Others Won't
  • Lead-Up Principle #4: Do More Than Manage—Lead!
  • Lead-Up Principle #5: Invest in Relational Chemistry
  • Lead-Up Principle #6: Be Prepared Every Time You Take Your Leader's Time
  • Lead-Up Principle #7: Know When to Push and When to Back Off
  • Lead-Up Principle #8: Become a Go-To Player
  • Lead-Up Principle #9: Be Better Tomorrow Than You Are Today
  • Lead-Across Principle #1: Understand, Practice, and Complete the Leadership Loop
  • Lead-Across Principle #2: Put Completing Fellow Leaders Ahead of Competing with Them
  • Lead-Across Principle #3: Be a Friend
  • Lead-Across Principle #4: Avoid Office Politics
  • Lead-Across Principle #5: Expand Your Circle of Acquaintances
  • Lead-Across Principle #6: Let the Best Idea Win
  • Lead-Across Principle #7: Don't Pretend You're Perfect
  • Lead-Down Principle #1: Walk Slowly Through the Halls
  • Lead-Down Principle #2: See Everyone As a “10”
  • Lead-Down Principle #3: Develop Each Team Member as a Person
  • Lead-Down Principle #4: Place People in Their Strength Zones
  • Lead-Down Principle #5: Model the Behavior You Desire
  • Lead-Down Principle #6: Transfer the Vision
  • Lead-Down Principle #7: Reward for Results


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