The Academy of Master Closing

  • 7h 45m 3s
  • Made for Success
  • Made for Success
  • 2020

Want to know the secret to putting more cash in your bank account?

Take any two salespeople from the same company. Even if both are nearly identical in training, motivation, and initiative, it can almost always be predicted which one will sell more and make more money.

All things nearly equal, the salesperson who knows more closes and how to read buying signs (and knows when to deliver them) wins the business virtually every time. Period.

In this program, you’ll have the distinction of discovering a treasure chest of:

  • 10 sales destroyers that cripple your chances of making it big
  • The six secret communication tools of the greatest closers
  • How to “mind-hack” the nine personality types of potential clients and win their business
  • Why rapport building is more than just something you do at the start of the meeting
  • Body language secrets that let you read your potential client like an open book
  • Five steps to creating add on sales
  • And much more!

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, look no further than this collection of time-proven closes that give you more ways to make potential clients say “Yes!” than they have to say “No!”

In this Audiobook

  • What is a Close?
  • Communication Tools of the Great Closures
  • Enemy of Closing the Sales (i.e. Fear)
  • Psycho Phobic and Psycho Euphoric Words
  • Nine Different Personalities and Temperaments
  • Rapport Building
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • The X-Factor
  • Mood Setting
  • U of A Form (Utilization of Analysis)
  • Sensory Perception
  • Feedback Analysis
  • Closing Distractions
  • List of Fundamental Closes
  • Add-on Selling
  • Giving Service
  • Dead Sale Autopsy
  • The Three Eleven Rule
  • Handling Telephone Tag
  • High Tech Closing
  • Dealing with the Competition
  • Master Closers Creed