The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity

  • 4h 52m 37s
  • Jason Thacker, Richard J. Mouw
  • HarperCollins Leadership
  • 2020

Are robots going to take my job? How are smartphones affecting my kids? Do I need to worry about privacy when I get online or ask Siri for directions? Whatever questions you have about AI, The Age of AI gives you insights on how to navigate this brand-new world.

Alexa, how is AI changing our world? We interact with artificial intelligence, or AI, nearly every moment of the day without knowing it. From our Twitter and Facebook social media feeds to our online carts to smart thermostats and Alexa and Google Home, AI is everywhere. In The Age of AI, Jason Thacker - associate research fellow at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission - helps us navigate our digital age in this thoughtful exploration of the social, moral, and ethical challenges of our ongoing interactions with artificial intelligence.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Foundation: Man and Machine
  • Chapter 2 - Self: Alexa, are You There?
  • Chapter 3 - Medicine: The Doctor Will See You Now
  • Chapter 4 - Family: Welcome to the Family
  • Chapter 5 - Work: Meet Your New Coworker
  • Chapter 6 - War: The New Battlefield
  • Chapter 7 - Data and Privacy: You are the Product
  • Chapter 8 - Future: What's Coming Next?


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