The Age of Influence: The Power of Influencers to Elevate Your Brand

  • 6h 36m 16s
  • Neal Schaffer
  • HarperCollins Leadership
  • 2020

If today’s brands want to succeed, they have to be in the conversation, and influencers make that happen. The Age of Influence is an essential guide for marketing professionals and business owners who want to create and implement a highly effective and sustainable influencer marketing plan.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented digital transformation and tapping into this change is vital to any brand in today’s climate. Social media has democratized authority and influence, and information is created and consumed in ways that are constantly evolving.

In The Age of Influence, Neal Schaffer, an internationally recognized social media marketing expert, explains how that shift plays a significant role in online marketing in the Influencer Era. Influencer marketing is about establishing relationships, turning fans into influencers and leveraging that influence to share your message in a more credible and authentic way. This is a handbook for anyone who wants to successfully spread a message in the age of social media.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. The Origins of Influence in the Modern World
  • 2. The Emergence of Digital and Social—And the Importance of Content
  • 3. Social Media was Made for People
  • 4. How Visual Social Presents New Challenges to Businesses and New Opportunities to Influencers
  • 5. Your Community is Always a Subset
  • 6. Understanding the Influencer Landscape
  • 7. The Employee as Influencer
  • 8. The Sixteen Different Ways to Collaborate with Influencers
  • 9. To Buy or to Build
  • 10. Developing the Foundations of an Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • 11. The Art and Science of Influencer Identification
  • 12. Creating and Managing Influencer Relationships
  • 13. The Tools of the Influencer Marketing Trade
  • 14. Measuring Your Influencer Marketing ROI
  • 15. Why and How Every Business Should Become More Influential
  • 16. How to Become a Social Media Influencer Yourself
  • 17. Final Thoughts