The Agile Leader: How to Create an Agile Business in the Digital Age

  • 8h 24m 38s
  • Simon Hayward
  • Kogan Page
  • 2019

The Agile Leader exposes how leaders can safely guide their teams to organizational stability and prosperity through agile leadership and building an agile culture. With the rise of political unrest, protectionism, and economic uncertainties, business leaders have to assess, react, and implement strategies rapidly and with enough responsiveness to re-calibrate their efforts should circumstance change. When presented with key moments of choice, agility allows them to move quickly and responsively, and offer coping strategies for this unprecedented rate of change. By adopting agile ways of working that focus on facilitating mental agility, ruthlessly prioritizing, devolving decision-making, and investing in customer research, leaders will allow organizational learning and drive innovation, thus enabling their teams to flourish in this new uncertain world.

With globally diverse and exciting case studies from top businesses including the British Fashion Council, Standard Chartered and Three, Dr Simon Hayward distills years of leadership research and consultancy work into an actionable agile leadership program, which will deliver effective results for your business. The Agile Leader is an invaluable audiobook for leaders looking to adapt and continuously evolve to match a complex business world.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 01 - What is Agile Leadership?
  • Chapter 02 - Being an Agile Leader
  • Chapter 03 - Agile Ways of Working
  • Chapter 04 - Building an Agile Business
  • Chapter 05 - Ruthless Prioritization
  • Chapter 06 - Collaboration and Agile Teamworking
  • Chapter 07 - Agile Decision Making
  • Chapter 08 - Learning, Innovation and Improvement
  • Chapter 09 - Creating an Agile Enterprise
  • Chapter 10 - Agility and the Digital Society


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