The Ape in the Corner Office: Understanding the Workplace Beast in All of Us

  • 13h 13m 56s
  • Richard Conniff
  • The Random House Audio Publishing Group
  • 2005

The Ape in the Corner Office connects with the day-to-day of the workplace because it helps explain what people are really concerned about: How come he got the wing chair with the gold trim? How can I survive as that big ape’s subordinate without becoming a spineless yes-man? Why does being a lone wolf mean being a loser? And, yes, why is it that jerks seem to prosper—at least in the short run?

In this Audiobook

  • 1 YES, IT IS A GODDAMN JUNGLE OUT THERE Why Acting Like an Animal Comes So Easy
  • 2 NICE MONKEY The Search for the Unselfish Gene
  • 3 BEING NEGATIVE Why Things Look Worse than They Probably Are
  • 4 ROUGH BEASTS Moore's Law Meets Monkey Law
  • 5 DONUT DOMINANCE Why Hierarchy Works
  • 6 TOOTH AND CLAW How We Wage Dominance Contests on the Job
  • 7 BENDING THE KNEE Strategies for Subordinates
  • 8 CHATTER IN THE MONKEY HOUSE Gossip and the Beastly Secret of “Oh, My God, Tell Me More”
  • 9 BANG BANG, KISS KISS The Natural History of “I'm Sorry”
  • 10 MAKING FACES A Field Guide to Facial Expression
  • 11 FACIAL PREDESTINATION How the Shape of Your Face Can Make or Break Your Career
  • 12 MONKEY SEE… The Power of Imitation
  • 13 BUNNIES FOR LUNCH On Being a Corporate Predator
  • 14 A LANDSCAPE OF FEAR Why Do Jerks Seem to Prosper?
  • 15 RUNNING WITH THE PACK Why Lone Wolves Are Losers


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