The Big Book of HR, 10th Anniversary Edition

  • 12h 36m 2s
  • Barbara Mitchell, Cornelia Gamlem
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

The ultimate guide to human resources challenges, issues, emerging trends, and best practices by two of the most seasoned and respected HR professionals.

Every leader will agree that managing people is challenging and growing more complex. Since The Big Book of HR was first published, dramatic changes have taken place in the workplace and the workforce. This tenth anniversary edition incorporates discussions and reflections on these changes which are useful for any business owner, manager, or HR professional.

The Big Book of HR, 10th Anniversary Edition includes up-to-date information about: flexibility and work; diversity, equity, and inclusion; respectful workplaces and harassment prevention; technology for today's digital workplaces; pay equity and its effect on transparency in compensation; benefits that meet the needs of a multigenerational workforce; and microlearning and employee development strategy.

Get the most from your organization's talent-from strategic HR-related issues to the smallest tactical details. And, of course, there's information on remaining legally compliant, including state and local laws addressing societal changes.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to HR
  • Chapter 2: HR and Technology
  • Chapter 3: Workforce Planning ... Succession Planning
  • Chapter 4: The Legal Landscape of Employee Rights
  • Chapter 5: Job Analysis and Descriptions
  • Chapter 6: Strategic Recruitment
  • Chapter 7: Interviewing and Hiring
  • Chapter 8: Employee Onboarding
  • Chapter 9: Employee Engagement
  • Chapter 10: Employee Retention
  • Chapter 11: Flexibility and Work
  • Chapter 12: Employee Rewards and Recognition
  • Chapter 13: The Legal Landscape of Compensation
  • Chapter 14: Compensation: An Introduction
  • Chapter 15: Developing a Salary Structure
  • Chapter 16: The Legal Landscape of Employee Benefits
  • Chapter 17: Employee Benefits
  • Chapter 18: Promotions and Other Internal Movements
  • Chapter 19: Assessing Employee Development Needs
  • Chapter 20: Best Approaches to Developing Employees
  • Chapter 21: Coaching as an Employee Development Strategy
  • Chapter 22: Performance Management
  • Chapter 23: Employee and Labor Relations
  • Chapter 24: Workplace Harassment
  • Chapter 25: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Chapter 26: Risk Management
  • Chapter 27: Ending the Employment Relationship
  • Conclusion: Emerging Trends and Challenges


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