The Brainpower Booster: Seven Powerful Strategies For Becoming Smarter

  • 1h 53m 47s
  • Howard Stephen Berg
  • Gildan Media
  • 2014

Explode your brain's ability to think and process information at lightning speed! With information doubling every six months, you need to have an edge. Brain Power Booster will teach you to quickly learn, process, and remember all types of information.

In this Audiobook

  • Skills
  • Seven Simple Techniques to Change Life
  • Secret to Learning Superfast
  • How We Learn Faster?
  • Joe Franklin Taught Secret of Success
  • The Secret of Reading Faster
  • Use Margin in Chapter
  • Practice to Read in One Minute
  • Help to Read Faster
  • Concept of Schema
  • About Emotional Intelligence
  • Set Example of Your Own Life, How to save Life?
  • Who's the Writer of Your Book?
  • Uses of Index Card
  • About Steven
  • Learn Math Easily
  • Incomplete Knowledge Breaks Flow of Learning
  • Use Pencil to Write Your Ideas
  • Edit What You Write
  • Read People Like a Book
  • How To Become a Genius