The Breakthrough Manifesto: 10 Principles to Spark Transformative Innovation

  • 6h 43m 29s
  • Kim Christfort, Suzanne Vickberg
  • Gildan Media
  • 2024

Innovation is a process by which new ideas, services, and sources of value are brought to life. Yet approaches to the pursuit of innovation are often far from novel, relying on stale methodologies applied against well-defined problem sets. Transformative innovation requires something else. Not just methodologies, but mindsets. Not just focusing on known challenges, but on unknown opportunities. Not just hoping for breakthrough by default, but realizing breakthrough by design.

In The Breakthrough Manifesto, a renowned business innovation leader teams up with a social-personality psychologist to offer that something else—a collection of ten visionary principles to obliterate barriers to change and ignite a whole new level of creative problem-solving. Drawing upon decades of experience working with the world's best-known organizations and their teams, the authors provide practical advice that goes beyond "business as usual" for successfully tackling intractable challenges.

The Breakthrough Manifesto explores why these principles are critical for the current times and how they can spark breakthrough and unlock potential for you and your teams. Whether you're an executive or manager, product or service designer, educator or student, this book is a must-listen for anyone inspired to change the world or transform their own place in it.

About the Author

KIM CHRISTFORT is the Chief Innovation Leader and founder of the Deloitte Greenhouse® Experience group, focused on pushing the frontiers of experiential engagement to help clients reveal opportunity and create meaningful impact.

SUZANNE VICKBERG is a social-personality psychologist and Chief Researcher for the Deloitte Greenhouse® Experience, focused on exploring the behavioral dynamics underpinning individual and team engagement and creative problem-solving.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Silence Your Cynic
  • Chapter 2 - Strip Away Everything
  • Chapter 3 - Live with the Problem
  • Chapter 4 - Check Your Edge
  • Chapter 5 - Enlist a Motley Crew
  • Chapter 6 - Get Real
  • Chapter 7 - Make a Mess
  • Chapter 8 - Don't Play “nice”
  • Chapter 9 - Dial up the Drama
  • Chapter 10 - Make Change
  • Silence Your Cynic Methods
  • Strip Away Everything Methods
  • Live with the Problem Methods
  • Check Your Edge Methods
  • Enlist a Motley Crew Methods
  • Get Real Methods
  • Make a Mess Methods
  • Don't Play “Nice” Methods
  • Dial Up the Drama Methods
  • Make Change Methods