The CEO Next Door: The 4 Behaviors that Transform Ordinary People into World-Class Leaders

  • 8h 50m 47s
  • Elena L. Botelho, Kim R. Powell, Tahl Raz
  • The Random House Audio Publishing Group
  • 2018

Based on an in-depth analysis of over 2,600 leaders drawn from a database of more than 17,000 CEOs and C-suite executives, as well 13,000 hours of interviews, and two decades of experience advising CEOs and executive boards, Elena L. Botelho and Kim R. Powell overturn the myths about what it takes to get to the top and succeed.

Their groundbreaking research was the featured cover story in the May-June 2017 issue of Harvard Business Review. It reveals the common attributes and counterintuitive choices that set apart successful CEOs - lessons that we can apply to our own careers.

Much of what we hear about who gets to the top, and how, is wrong. Those who become chief executives set their sights on the C-suite at an early age. In fact, over 70 percent of the CEOs didn't have designs on the corner office until later in their careers. You must graduate from an elite college. In fact, only seven percent of CEOs in the dataset are Ivy League graduates - and eight percent didn't graduate from college at all. To become a CEO you need a flawless résumé. The reality: 45 percent of CEO candidates had at least one major career blowup.

What those who reach the top do share are four key behaviors that anyone can master: they are decisive; they are reliable, delivering what they promised when the promise it, without exception; they adapt boldly, and they engage with stakeholders without shying away from conflict.

For everyone who aspires to rise up through the organization and achieve their full potential, The CEO Next Door is an essential guide.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Unlocking the Secrets of the CEO Genome
  • Chapter 2 - Decide: Speed Over Precision
  • Chapter 3 - Engage for Impact: Orchestrate Stakeholders to Drive Results
  • Chapter 4 - Relentless Reliability: Deliver Consistently
  • Chapter 5 - Adapt Boldly: Ride the Discomfort of the Unknown
  • Chapter 6 - Career Catapults: Fast-Track Your Future
  • Chapter 7 - Stand Out: How to Become Known
  • Chapter 8 - Close the Deal
  • Chapter 9 - The Five Hidden Hazards at the Top
  • Chapter 10 - Not Just Any Team—Your Team
  • Chapter 11 - Dancing with the Titans—The Board