The CEO Test: Master the Challenges That Make or Break All Leaders

  • 5h 1m 8s
  • Adam Bryant, Kevin Sharer
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2021

Are you ready to lead? Will you pass the test?

Despite all the effort through the years to understand what it takes to be an effective leader, the challenges of leadership remain enormously difficult and elusive; even today, most CEOs don't last five years in the job. The demands to deliver at a consistently high level can be unforgiving.

The loneliness. The weight of responsibility. The relentless second-guessing and criticism. The pressure to build all-star teams. The 24/7 schedule that requires superhuman stamina. The tough decisions that often leave no one happy. The expectation to always have the right answer when it can be hard just to know the right question.

These challenges are brought into their highest and sharpest relief in the corner office, but they are hardly unique to chief executives. All leaders face their own version of these tests, and the authors drawing on the distilled wisdom, stories and lessons from hundreds of chief executives to show how every aspiring leader can master these challenges and lead like a CEO. These foundational leadership skills will make all aspiring executives more effective in their role today, and to lift the trajectory of their career.

The CEO Test is the authoritative, no-nonsense insider's guide to navigating leadership's toughest challenges, brought to you by authors uniquely qualified to tell the stories. Adam Bryant has conducted in-depth interviews with more than 600 CEOs. Kevin Sharer spent more than two decades as president and then CEO of Amgen, where he led its expansion from one billion dollars in annual revenues to nearly $16 billion. He has served on many boards and is a sought-after mentor for CEOs of global companies.

Leadership is getting harder as the speed of disruption across all industries accelerates. The CEO Test will better prepare you to succeed whether you're a CEO or just setting out to become one.

In this Audiobook

  • Test #1 - Can You Develop a Simple Plan for Your Strategy? Simplifying Complexity is a Leader's Superpower
  • Test #2 - Can You Make the Culture Real—and Matter? It's about Walking the Talk
  • Test #3 - Can You Build Teams That are True Teams? They are the Key to Driving the Strategy
  • Test #4 - Can You Lead Transformation? The Status Quo is Enormously Powerful, and it is the Enemy of Change
  • Test #5 - Can You Really Listen? Danger Signals Can Be Faint, and Bad News Travels Slowly
  • Test #6 - Can You Handle a Crisis? Avoid the Predictable Mistakes That Trip up So Many Leaders
  • Test #7 - Can You Master the Inner Game of Leadership? The Conflicting Demands and Challenges Must Be Managed