The Decision Maker: Unlock the Potential of Everyone in Your Organization, One Decision at a Time

  • 4h 23m 34s
  • Dennis Bakke
  • Pear Press, LLC
  • 2013

Who makes the important decisions in your organization? Strategy, product development, budgeting, compensation - such key decisions typically are made by company leaders. That's what bosses are for, right? But maybe the boss isn't the best person to make the call.

That's the conclusion Dennis Bakke came to, and he used it to build AES into a Fortune 200 global power company with 27,000 people in 27 countries. He used it again to create Imagine Schools, the largest non-profit charter-school network in the U.S.

As a student at Harvard Business School, Bakke made hundreds of decisions using the case-study method. He realized two things: Decision-making is the best way to develop people; and that shouldn't stop at business school. So Bakke spread decision-making throughout his organizations, fully engaging people at all levels. Today, Bakke has given thousands of people the freedom and responsibility to make decisions that matter.

In The Decision Maker, a leadership fable loosely based on Bakke's experience, the New York Times bestselling author shows us how giving decisions to the people closest to the action can transform any organization

In this Audiobook

  • 1. How Bad Is It?
  • 2. Lipstick on A Pig
  • 3. The Big Game
  • 4. That's Your Decision
  • 5. Basic Assumptions
  • 6. You're The Expert
  • 7. It's All Up To You
  • 8. The Ugly Ditch
  • 9. What About Them?
  • 10. Watch The Numbers
  • 11. If You're Serious
  • 12. Fallible
  • 13. Advice
  • 14. A Giant Leap
  • 15. A Decision This Big
  • 16. See How It Works
  • 17. Human Resources?
  • 18. The Plan
  • 19. The Big Picture
  • 20. A Few Questions
  • 21. Their Own Ideas
  • 22. The New Standards
  • 23. Hear Me Out
  • 24. Every Man For Himself
  • 25. That Kind of Boss
  • 26. The Bottom Line
  • 27. Is That Your Decision?
  • 28. The Final Call
  • 29. This Place Is Special
  • 30. Let Me Explain