The DevSecOps Playbook: Deliver Continuous Security at Speed

  • 7h 9m 28s
  • Sean D. Mack
  • Gildan Media
  • 2024

An essential and up-to-date guide to DevSecOps

In The DevSecOps Playbook: Deliver Continuous Security at Speed, the chief information and information security officer at Wiley, Sean D. Mack, delivers an insightful and practical discussion of how to keep your business secure. You'll learn how to leverage the classic triad of people, process, and technology to build strong cybersecurity infrastructure and practices. You'll also discover the shared responsibility model at the core of DevSecOps as you explore the principles and best practices that make up contemporary frameworks.

The book explains why it's important to shift security considerations to the front-end of the development cycle and how to do that, as well as describing the evolution of the standard security model over the last few years and how that has impacted modern cybersecurity.

A must-listen roadmap to DevSecOps for practicing security engineers, security leaders, and privacy practitioners, The DevSecOps Playbook will also benefit students of information technology and business, as well as governance, risk, and compliance specialists who want to improve their understanding of cybersecurity's impact on their organizations.

About the Author

SEAN D. MACK, MBA, CISO, is the Chief Information Officer at Wiley, an education and research company. He has extensive experience leading DevOps, infrastructure, enterprise applications, security, ad desktop services in the educational technology and publishing industry.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Introducing DevSecOps
  • Chapter 2 - The Evolution of Cybersecurity (from Perimeter to Zero Trust)
  • Chapter 3 - DevSecOps People
  • Chapter 4 - DevSecOps Process
  • Chapter 5 - DevSecOps Technology
  • Chapter 6 - DevSecOps Governance
  • Chapter 7 - Driving Transformation in Enterprise Environments
  • Chapter 8 - Measuring DevSecOps
  • Chapter 9 - Conclusion


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