The Digital Selling Handbook: Grow Your Sales by Engaging, Prospecting, and Converting Customers the Way They Buy Today

  • 7h 32m
  • Bill Stinnett
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2023

Actionable advice for sales professionals and business owners for growing sales in today’s increasingly virtual marketplace

Rapid changes in where and how people live, work, and do business in recent years, have triggered major shifts in how customers shop for and buy virtually everything! Sales and marketing professionals are faced with the harsh reality of rethinking their entire approach to engaging clients in today’s virtual marketplace―or risk quickly becoming irrelevant. They need to rethink their entire sales approach―and Digital Selling Handbook shows them how to do it.

This comprehensive guide builds readers’ understanding of customer psychology and buying behavior in the new digital-first world. It provides best practices for engaging customers using a variety of methods. Digital selling expert and founder of Sales Excellence, Inc., Bill Stinnett covers the entire sales and marketing process, showing how to:

  • Create a magnetic personal brand that attracts prospective customers
  • Engage customers earlier in the buying process
  • Develop an evergreen lead machine using strategies of world-class organizations
  • Write articles, emails, and social media posts that trigger customer action
  • Find and create new opportunities through outbound prospecting
  • Turn customer conversations into sales opportunities and revenue

Finding and attracting new business will always be one of the most vital aspects of business success. In today’s transformed world of selling, those with the smartest, more forward-looking strategies will be the ones to come out on top. The Digital Selling Handbook provides everything you need keep ahead of the curve and in front of the competition.

About the Author

Bill Stinnett is president and founder of Sales Excellence, Inc., a global training and consulting organization helping hundreds of companies of all sizes grow their client bases, increase revenues, and keep more profits. He consults with CEOs and business owners on six continents and is a highly sought after trainer and speaker for a wide range of clients, including Verizon, General Electric, IBM, Cisco, Continental AG, Microsoft, SAP, and Harvard Business School.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Selling the Way Customers Buy Today
  • Chapter 2 - Engaging Customers Early in Their Digital Buying Process
  • Chapter 3 - Mastering Digital Selling Content Development
  • Chapter 4 - Designing Your Digital Selling Engine
  • Chapter 5 - Building e-Relationships Throughout the Digital Buying Journey
  • Chapter 6 - Creating a Magnetic Personal Brand
  • Chapter 7 - Sales Prospecting in a Digital World
  • Chapter 8 - Managing and Closing Deals Digitally