The Episodic Career: How to Thrive at Work in the Age of Disruption

  • 10h 58s
  • Farai Chideya
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2019

Find your most rewarding place in today’s economy. Award-winning author, researcher, and analyst Farai Chideya offers a practical guide to the ways in which work in America is changing and how you can navigate today’s volatile job market.

Since the Great Recession of 2007-2009, America’s work landscape has changed dramatically. Many people experienced long-term unemployment that eroded their savings, and the globalized economy means that not just jobs but entire career tracks are created and destroyed in front of our eyes. We’re living in an age of rapid disruption where we can barely adjust to one new reality before a new reality comes along.

So how are we supposed to live a rewarding life - working fulfilling, stable jobs that cover our monthly expenses - in such a chaotic economy?

In The Episodic Career, Farai Chideya explores the landscape of employment in America. Profiling the rich, the poor, and people from every strata in between, Chideya seeks to understand the many kinds of work we do - not just job fields, but whether we seek to build institutions or seek social change while earning money. In addition, Chideya provides a self-diagnostic tool to help you find your work/life “sweet spot.” You’ll see how different types of people have navigated their careers and forged their own paths even in times of hardship. As a young reporter at Newsweek, CNN, and ABC, Chideya realized that her working-class Baltimore childhood and factors like Ivy League education affected how people viewed her, and she takes a frank look at stereotypes, employment discrimination, and how to create healthy workplaces. Ultimately, she asks how we as a country can sustain the American Dream.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Work and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • 2. The New New Realities of Work
  • 3. The Economic Long View
  • 4. Mastering the Work/Life Matrix: Know Yourself, Set Your Goals, Play by Your Own Rules
  • 5. Resilience is Everything: Recovering from Layoffs, Screwups, and Other Career Disasters
  • 6. The New New Realities of Job Search
  • 7. Hold 'Em or Fold 'Em? When to Stay in a Job, and When to Go
  • 8. Lifelong Learning, Lifelong Earning
  • 9. Money and Morality
  • 10. Retirement, Remixed