The Evolution of Technology

  • 9h 30m 57s
  • The Speech Resource Company
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2018

In a short period of time, technology has exploded in the world market to a point where many cannot imagine a life without smartphones, tablets, and computers. With each new upgrade, technology compounds existing technologies to create something better than what was previously used before. Included are speeches from technical innovators, executives in the field of technology, developers, prognosticators, and others.

In this Audiobook

  • Martin Cooper (Cell Phone), Motorola
  • J. Presper Eckert (Digital Computer), ENIAC/UNIVAC
  • Bill Gates, Microsoft
  • Paul Allen, Microsoft
  • Steve Ballmer, Microsoft
  • Satya Nadella, Microsoft
  • Steve Jobs, Apple
  • Steve Wozniak, Apple
  • Tim Cook, Apple
  • Sir Tim Berners Lee, World Wide Web
  • Jeff Bezos, Amazon
  • Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Google
  • Eric Schmidt, Google/Alphabet
  • Marissa Mayer, Google/Yahoo
  • Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
  • Sheryl Sandberg, Google/Facebook
  • Safra Catz, Oracle
  • Jack Dorsey, Twitter
  • Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp
  • Sanjay Mehrotra, Micron
  • Susan Wojcicki, YouTube
  • Brian Chesky, AirBnB
  • Larry Ellison, Oracle
  • Peter Thiel, Paypal
  • Ginni Rometty, IBM


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