The Feminist Financial Handbook: A Modern Woman's Guide to a Wealthy Life

  • 6h 43m 37s
  • Brynne Conroy
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2018

Your guide to wealth and success.

Live your wealthiest life. Sometimes, the best way to stick it to the man is by doing well for yourself. There's just one problem: It's hard to do well for yourself when systemic oppression has placed innumerable hurdles between you and your aspirations. The Feminist Financial Handbook provides real motivation and resources for real women who may be struggling.

Overcome obstacles. The Feminist Financial Handbook provides actionable tips for women in business to overcome these obstacles without dulling the visceral experience of the real-life struggles women face as they try to master their money management and their lives. Because women's experiences don't exist in a vacuum relegated to their gender, the handbook explores financial issues with anecdotes and perspectives of women of different races, sexual orientations, and abilities.

Find the answers to your money questions. Whether you want to learn more about general financial planning principles or delve into issues that disproportionately affect women, The Feminist Financial Handbook has stories and advice from women who have been there, worked through the struggle, and achieved personal success.

Learn from the front-runner of the Femme Frugality blog. Written in the same passionate tone that has made Femme Frugality a two-time nominee for best women's finance blog, The Feminist Financial Handbook acknowledges the financial struggles and oppression modern women face, while providing actionable steps to live your wealthiest life and achieve personal success.

The Feminist Financial Handbook presents a feminist view on finances relevant to a post-recession economy. This audiobook will walk you through deciding what wealth and success mean to you, learning how to earn more and negotiate effectively, and mastering manageable money-saving methods.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter I I Can Have It All—Can't I?
  • Chapter II Money Isn't the Key to Happiness
  • Chapter III But Poverty Sure Can Rain on Your Parade
  • Chapter IV Still I Rise
  • Chapter V Hearth & Home
  • Chapter VI Just Because I'm Different Doesn't Mean I'm Scary
  • Chapter VII The Elephant in the Womb
  • Chapter VIII The Subtle Art of Negotiation
  • Chapter IX Doing My Own Things
  • Chapter X Headed to the Coasts
  • Chapter XI Buy This, Not That
  • Chapter XII Why Don't We Insure Against Divorce?
  • Chapter XIII Get Your Middle Finger Ready
  • Chapter XIV Wait, Am I Part of the Kyriarchy?
  • Chapter XV Instilling Faith
  • Chapter XVI Cultural Norms Messed with My Brain
  • Chapter XVII Letters from the Home Front
  • Chapter XVIII My Life's Meaning Just Changed