The Financial Times Guide to High Impact Negotiation: A comprehensive guide for executing valuable deals and partnerships

  • 7h 38m 42s
  • Dr. Kasia Jagodzinska
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

Strategy, tactics and templates to prepare for high-impact negotiations that result in successful long-lasting deals.

The Financial Times Guide to High Impact Negotiation provides a comprehensive and strategic roadmap to the whole negotiation process from preparation to execution. Follow the practical steps to complete negotiation successfully, build relationships, and finalize your deal.

About the Author

Prof. Kasia Jagodzinska serves as a Senior Adviser to the United Nations on matters concerning multiparty negotiations. Her repertoire of experience also includes working as a Professor at several universities in Switzerland, France, Italy and Poland. She is the Founder of Negotiation Booster and an International Consultant for the Schranner Negotiation Institute. She brings a wealth of international business experience from the EU, the US and the Middle East, which she combines with an academic career.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Negotiation Starts from Within
  • Chapter 2 - Defining the Negotiation Mission Statement
  • Chapter 3 - Setting the Goal
  • Chapter 4 - Establishing the Objective
  • Chapter 5 - Gathering the Necessary Information
  • Chapter 6 - Deciding the Best Approach for the Negotiation
  • Chapter 7 - Negotiating Virtually
  • Chapter 8 - Designing the Right Environment for the Negotiation
  • Chapter 9 - Creating Value in Negotiations
  • Chapter 10 - Taking the Lead in the Negotiation
  • Chapter 11 - Opening the Negotiation
  • Chapter 12 - Successfully Executing the Dealing Phase
  • Chapter 13 - Closing the Deal
  • Chapter 14 - Keeping the Momentum after the Negotiation