The Forever Transaction: How to Build a Subscription Model So Compelling, Your Customers Will Never Want to Leave

  • 6h 16m 37s
  • Robbie Kellman Baxter
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2020

Develop and cultivate the kind of robust, long-term customer relationships that power companies like Nike, Spotify, LinkedIn, and Target.

More and more companies are concluding that the potential rewards of subscription-based products and services are worth the risk of radically changing their business models. They’re correct. The Membership Economy is here and it’s here to stay—and if you want to compete for the long run, you need to join it.

With this audio edition of The Forever Transaction, you have everything you need to build durable, long-term relationships with every customer, and leverage them for ultimate business success―today, tomorrow, and forever.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Welcome to the World of Forever
  • Chapter 2 - Are You Ready for Forever?
  • Chapter 3 - Forever Begins with a Plan
  • Chapter 4 - Define Your Forever Promise
  • Chapter 5 - Choose the Right Who for the How
  • Chapter 6 - Develop Your First Experiments
  • Chapter 7 - Test, Learn, Adjust
  • Chapter 8 - Manage Emotions, Transform Culture, and Build a Shared Vision
  • Chapter 9 - Do Acquisitions Make Sense for Your Company?
  • Chapter 10 - Six Common Setbacks and How to Avoid Them
  • Chapter 11 - Choose the Technology to Scale
  • Chapter 12 - Create and Fine-Tune Your Pricing Strategy
  • Chapter 13 - Essential Metrics for Long-Term Relationships
  • Chapter 14 - Forever is a Long Time: Don't Take Shortcuts
  • Chapter 15 - Continue to Iterate
  • Chapter 16 - Stay Forever Young: Avoid Aging with Your Members
  • Chapter 17 - Protect Your Members from Subscription Fatigue
  • Chapter 18 - Going Global with the Forever Transaction
  • Chapter 19 - Emerging Trends—Forever is Here Now