The Future of Community: How to Leverage Web3 Technologies to Grow Your Business

  • 6h 13m 33s
  • John Kraski, Justin Shenkarow
  • Gildan Media
  • 2024

In The Future of Community, a team of Web3 visionaries and tech-savvy executives delivers a groundbreaking new take on the seismic impact Web3 is having—and will continue to have—on our technological and social landscapes. The authors discuss why Web3 really is the "next big thing" to shape our digital and offline futures and how it will transform the world.

You'll discover a whole host of Web3 applications poised to excite and disrupt industries around the world, from fan tokens that reshape how we think about interactions between artists and fans to self-sovereign identities on the blockchain that allow you to take full control over how your personal data is used and collected online.

You'll also find:

  • Insightful explorations of technologies and techniques like tokenization, decentralized marketplaces, decentralized autonomous organizations, and more
  • Explanations of how Web3 allows you to take greater ownership and control of your digital and offline assets
  • Discussions of why Web3 increases transparency and accountability at every level of business, government, and social hierarchies

About the Author

JOHN KRASKI is a Web3 and technology executive who has worked for companies backed by investors Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher, and Benchmark Capital. He is passionate about educating brands and consumers about the world of Web3. Before entering the Web3 space, he has worked in various executive positions at companies including KPMG, PwC, J.P. Morgan, and the Walt Disney Company. He also holds an MBA in Entertainment from the University of Southern California.

JUSTIN SHENKAROW is a Web3 builder, collector and evangelist. He also spent 30 years as an actor and produces film and television; focusing on acquiring high-level intellectual property. He is the co-creator and co-host of the tv show The Future of Community where he and John Kraski discuss topics ranging from the metaverse to blockchain to Web3, and more. Justin is a graduate of Stanford University.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: What Is the Future of Community?
  • Chapter 1 - Back to the Future
  • Chapter 2 - Three Men and a Pool
  • Chapter 3 - The Power of Web3
  • Chapter 4 - More than a Cartoon Party: Supercharging the Creator Economy
  • Chapter 5 - Building Community the Right Way
  • Chapter 6 - Mic Check 1, 2: A New Way to Communicate
  • Chapter 7 - The Perfect Playbook: How to Make the Right Calls
  • Chapter 8 - The Rise of the Machines: How AI Will Affect Us All
  • Chapter 9 - Liars, Cheaters, Scammers, and Cash Grabbers
  • Chapter 10 - The Future of Work
  • Chapter 11 - The Future of Community
  • Acknowledgments