The Inclusive Organization: Real Solutions, Impactful Change, and Meaningful Diversity

  • 5h 21m 54s
  • Netta Jenkins
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

A practical hands-on and revolutionary DEI formula for real and lasting change.

DEI is an eight-billion-dollar industry that is not yet accessing its full potential through real solutions and results. However, through a powerful formula of policies and practices that motivate employees to be more socially and self-aware, The Inclusive Organization is a revolutionary yet practical resource for individuals at any stage of their career. Jenkins discusses human behavior, workplace psychology, and shares her DEI-tested framework for success. You'll learn about: the "how" of DEI implementation with actionable steps; creating your own customized DEI roadmap with examples and toolkits; and stories and firsthand observations that bring to life important concepts.

Many employees across all levels and organizations are looking to drive actionable impact, but unfortunately lack the knowledge and support in doing so. This book will help any organization improve their DEI initiatives and create the sustainable and scalable change employees want to see within their workplace. The Inclusive Organization is a must-listen for any workplace committed to real and lasting change.

About the Author

NETTA JENKINS is CEO of Aerodei, a gamified platform for organizations that ignite DEI efforts by measuring the impact of every employee and offers real-time demographic data. Aerodei’s platform organically enhances representation, retention, growth, and engagement. Netta is a doctoral student focused on quality systems and management. She is a sought out leader in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space. Netta has been advising corporations and audiences of all kinds for over 15 years on the most effective strategies to address inequitable gaps, which led to a 300k+ LinkedIn audience and played a key factor in Forbes naming her as one of the top 7 Anti-Racism educators in the world. She has also given a groundbreaking TEDx talk “Reimagining the Workplace”.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Decoding Human Behavior
  • Chapter 2 - Who Let the Dogs Out?
  • Chapter 3 - Franchising the Framework
  • Chapter 4 - The Most Underrated Leader
  • Chapter 5 - Sustainable Learning
  • Chapter 6 - Are Your Policies Powerful or Powerless?
  • Chapter 7 - Diversity Recruiting
  • Chapter 8 - Employee Resource Strategy Groups
  • Chapter 9 - Impactful Layoffs
  • Chapter 10 - Don't Retire Yet