The Indian World of George Washington: The First President, the First Americans, and the Birth of the Nation

  • 23h 17m 42s
  • Colin G. Calloway
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2019

In this sweeping new biography, Colin Calloway uses the prism of George Washington's life to bring focus to the great Native leaders of his time - Shingas, Tanaghrisson, Bloody Fellow, Joseph Brant, Red Jacket, Little Turtle - and the tribes they represented: the Iroquois Confederacy, Lenape, Miami, Creek, Delaware; in the process, he returns them to their rightful place in the story of America's founding. The Indian World of George Washington spans decades of Native American leaders' interactions with Washington, from his early days as surveyor of Indian lands to his military career against both the French and the British to his presidency, when he dealt with Native Americans as a head of state would with a foreign power, using every means of diplomacy and persuasion to fulfill the new republic's destiny by appropriating their land. By the end of his life, Washington knew more than anyone else in America about the frontier and its significance to the future of his country.

The Indian World of George Washington offers a fresh portrait of the most-revered American and the Native Americans whose story has been only partially told. Calloway's biography invites us to look again at the history of America's beginnings and see the country in a whole new light.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Virginia's Indian Country
  • Chapter 2 - The Ohio Company and the Ohio Country
  • Chapter 3 - Into Tanaghrisson's World
  • Chapter 4 - Tanaghrisson's War
  • Chapter 5 - Braddock and the Limits of Empire
  • Chapter 6 - Frontier Defense and a Cherokee Alliance
  • Chapter 7 - Frontier Advance and a Cherokee War
  • Chapter 8 - Confronting the Indian Boundary
  • Chapter 9 - “A Good Deal of Land”
  • Chapter 10 - The Question of Indian Allies
  • Chapter 11 - Town Destroyer
  • Chapter 12 - Killing Crawford
  • Chapter 13 - Building a Nation on Indian Land
  • Chapter 14 - An Indian Policy for the New Nation
  • Chapter 15 - Courting McGillivray
  • Chapter 16 - The Greatest Indian Victory
  • Chapter 17 - Philadelphia Indian Diplomacy
  • Chapter 18 - Achieving Empire
  • Chapter 19 - Transforming Indian Lives
  • Chapter 20 - A Death and a Non-Death