The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength, Second Edition

  • 4h 7m 7s
  • Jennifer B. Kahnweiler
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • 2018

You don't have be an extrovert--or pretend to be one--to get to the top! Jennifer Kahnweiler points to Mark Zuckerberg, Arianna Huffington, and Warren Buffett as prime examples of self-identified introverts who have done quite well for themselves. In this new, expanded edition of her pioneering book, she lays out a well-tested four-step strategy introverts can use to build on their quiet strength and make it a source of great power. The book includes fresh information on the unique challenges faced by introverted women, how leaders can shape a more introvert-friendly workplace, customized hiring and coaching strategies for introverts, and the positive correlation between introverted leadership and company performance.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: What Is an Introverted Leader?
  • Chapter 1. Six Key Challenges for Introverts
  • Chapter 2. Unlocking Success: The 4 Ps Process
  • Chapter 3. The Introverted Leader Quiz
  • Chapter 4. Leading People and Projects
  • Chapter 5. Delivering Powerful Presentations
  • Chapter 6. Leading and Participating in Meetings
  • Chapter 7. Networking Your Way
  • Chapter 8. Communication and Coaching for Results
  • Chapter 9. Managing Up
  • Chapter 10. Results of Using the 4 Ps Process
  • Chapter 11. What's Next? Continuing to Build on Your Quiet Strength


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