The Knowledge Work Factory: Turning the Productivity Paradox into Value for Your Business

  • 10h 24m 37s
  • William F. Heitman
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2019

Back in 1987, Nobel laureate Robert Solow quipped, "You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics." This costly condition soon became known as the "productivity paradox".

Why does it persist today? Why do knowledge workers spend a third of their days on needless correction, avoidable work and overservice, despite existing office technology that could help, even automate, their actions? And why does nobody notice?

The answers - and solutions - are in this book. The Knowledge Work Factory uncovers the well-intentioned waste that hides in plain sight within virtually every organization. It reveals the ingrained perceptual biases that trick our brains into accepting the status quo and missing breakthrough opportunities. It draws stunning parallels to industrial production, which cracked this very code over 100 years ago. Most importantly, it gives you an easy-to-follow, one-stop guide to boost efficiency, productivity, and morale among the very knowledge workers who struggle under the burden of the productivity paradox.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Where is White-Collar Waste Hiding? In Plain Sight!
  • Chapter 2 - Did You Notice that Your Most Valuable Assets have Shifted?
  • Chapter 3 - How we Got Here: The Long Journey to Myopia
  • Chapter 4 - Finding—And Fixing—Your Business's Biggest Blind Spots
  • Chapter 5 - Transforming Your Business into a Knowledge Work Factory
  • Chapter 6 - What's the Capacity of Your Knowledge Work Factory?
  • Chapter 7 - Recognizing the “Hidden Products” Your Knowledge Workforce Builds
  • Chapter 8 - Building Your Own Knowledge Work Factory
  • Chapter 9 - Optimizing Your Knowledge Work Assembly Lines
  • Chapter 10 - Analyzing and Simplifying Knowledge Work Activities
  • Chapter 11 - Turbocharging Your Knowledge Work Factory
  • Chapter 12 - Managing Industrialization