The Leader's Guide to Managing Risk: A Proven Method to Build Resilience and Reliability

  • 8h 45m 22s
  • K. Scott Griffith
  • HarperCollins Leadership
  • 2023

Be prepared for the dangerous and largely unknown risks that threaten your business and learn how to survive and thrive when uncertainty hits.

Leaders today must navigate their teams and organizations through unprecedented levels of uncertainty. It feels like every year there is some-game changing technology or catastrophe that gives rise to a “new normal” and sends businesses scrambling for how to rethink themselves to operate under these new conditions.

In The Leader’s Guide to Managing Risk, K. Scott Griffith, a former airline pilot, socio-technical physicist, and author of the first independently audited high reliability and just culture model, offers practical and proven methods to build processes that will withstand the winds of uncertainty while driving success. By understanding that organizations are people operating within systems, leaders of all kinds will build reliability and resiliency into their culture and set up their business to withstand the next big changes that come their way.

The exercises are:

  • Learn a new way of seeing, understanding, and managing risk.
  • Understand how people and systems interact in organizations and how to build processes that increase resilience and performance.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders, including employees, to help you foresee dangers and achieve sustainable reliability.
  • Implement proven methods from Scott’s award-winning model that is being used in some of the most prestigious healthcare, EMS, and transportation companies in the world.
  • Achieve independent validation of success through certification.

By better understanding the neuroscience of how brains develop in response to culture, readers gain skills to interrupt implicit biases and racist constructs deep within the brain. The activities invite introspection and a radical form of self-compassion that make antiracist dialogues and actions possible, thus creating real change.

About the Author

K. Scott Griffith is the founder and managing partner of SG Collaborative Solutions, LLC. He is the author of the world's first Collaborative High Reliability® and Collaborative Just Culture® improvement programs, independently audited and certified by DNV, a world-leading international accreditation organization. His new book, "The Leader’s Guide to Managing Risk – A Proven Method to Build Resilience and Reliability," is scheduled for release November 7, 2023 by HarperCollins Leadership.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: Blind Spots
  • Chapter 1 - A Better Business Model
  • Chapter 2 - Seeing and Understanding Risk
  • Chapter 3 - System Reliability
  • Chapter 4 - Human Reliability
  • Chapter 5 - Organizational Reliability
  • Chapter 6 - Predictive Reliability
  • Chapter 7 - Big Challenges
  • Chapter 8 - Flipping the Iceberg
  • Epilogue
  • Key Takeaways
  • Acknowledgments


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