The Leadership Accelerator: The Playbook for Transitioning into Your New Executive Role

  • 6h 21m 45s
  • Ajit Kambil
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2023

Transitioning to a new C-suite role is exhilarating, challenging, and demanding all at the same time—a unique combination of intense experiences that can be tough to manage, to say the least.

Ajit Kambil is the creator and a leader of Deloitte's program for helping executives like you transition into the very highest levels of your organization. In The Leadership Accelerator, he details the four critical competencies you should master in order to succeed, and he walks you through the process of building your expertise in these key areas: prioritize and manage time, the only irrecoverable asset for yourself and your organization; manage talent into the right places to deliver measurable results; manage relationships to build social capital and influence other C-suite members to get key agendas executed with the least resistance; and drive transformational change in your organization through effective strategies and catalyzing actions.

The Leadership Accelerator reveals the research and practices Kambil has undertaken for more than a decade to learn exactly how real leaders have successfully transitioned into high-level roles. Quick action-oriented chapters conclude with clear takeaways and workout exercises that can help you build your transition leadership muscles and define your transition leadership strategies and work plans.

About the Author

Ajit Kambil, PhD, leads Transition Lab Innovation, the Private Equity Program and CFO Program Research for Executive Accelerators at Deloitte LLP. He is the creator of Deloitte’s Executive Transition Labs and Transition Accelerators. Over 4000 senior executives in the United States have used Transition Labs and Accelerators to navigate their new leadership roles or refresh their leadership strategy.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Beware the Myth of the First 90 or 100 Days
  • Chapter 2 - Time, Talent, Relationships, and Transformation
  • Chapter 3 - Elevating into the C-Suite: The Four Faces of Leadership
  • Chapter 4 - Hopes, Fears, and Legacy: Set the Context for Your Transition
  • Chapter 5 - Protect Your Time and Energy
  • Chapter 6 - Frame, Prioritize, and Elevate
  • Chapter 7 - Set Goals, Mitigate Risks, Get Resources, and Commit
  • Chapter 8 - Framing a Transition Talent Agenda
  • Chapter 9 - Get the Right People in the Right Seats
  • Chapter 10 - What Do You Recruit For?
  • Chapter 11 - What Do You Want from Your Team?
  • Chapter 12 - Recruiting and Engaging Your New Team
  • Chapter 13 - Your Team Is Your Brand: Express It!
  • Chapter 14 - Boost Your Team Performance
  • Chapter 15 - Shaping Your Organization: Configuration, Capabilities, and Capacity
  • Chapter 16 - Stakeholder Relationships: Four Considerations
  • Chapter 17 - Elevate Your Communications Program
  • Chapter 18 - Influencing Stakeholders: Persuade, Trade, or Compel
  • Chapter 19 - Difficult Relationships: Exit, Voice, Loyalty, or Optionality
  • Chapter 20 - Frame Strategic and Performance Opportunities
  • Chapter 21 - Manage Execution Risks
  • Chapter 22 - Catalyze Cultural Change
  • Chapter 23 - Sponsor Improved Performance
  • Chapter 24 - Plan to Succeed
  • Chapter 25 - Epilogue: Be Smart, Lucky, and Ready for Success


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