The Lean CEO: Leading the Way to WorldClass Excellence

  • 10h 40m 47s
  • Jacob Stoller
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2015

As organizations strive to do more with less, many are turning to Lean methodology, which is based on the same techniques that propelled the legendary turnaround of Japan's industrial sector after World War II. Few leaders, however, understand that the real secret behind Lean is a comprehensive approach to management that differs significantly from what is taught in business school. Lean initiatives, consequently, are rarely led by senior management, and seldom lead to significant change.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: How Waste Became Business as Usual
  • Chapter 2: Lean: A Radical New Approach to Production
  • Chapter 3: West Meets East and the Unbelievable
  • Chapter 4: A New Way Out of Financial Crisis
  • Chapter 5: Capacity Without Capital Expenditure
  • Chapter 6: A Realistic Approach to Worker Motivation
  • Chapter 7: Building Collaborative Management Teams
  • Chapter 8: Putting People First
  • Chapter 9: Building the Learning Organization
  • Chapter 10: Integrating a Diversified Corporation
  • Chapter 11: Reducing Dependence on the CEO
  • Chapter 12: Solving the Cost/Quality Conundrum in Healthcare
  • Chapter 13: Defining and Delivering Value in Government
  • Chapter 14: Conclusions